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I am a new artist and fashion designer and christian artist naturally talented from above its a gift from God and I use it for his glory. And I'm grateful to have it and I would love to do this as a living to provide for me and my family and to give back to charity and for the lords work. So I'm here to share my unique talent with the world as a witness for my who I serve everyday. And I'm a single mother of one son who is very supportive and loving.I want to have much success as the next new fashion designer to inspire all who see my work in a very good way.

my new fashion!!!

my new fashion!!!.for real Christians of the lord!! To inspire all who see it to glorify God!! And to sell what u have and give!! To your family and to the poor and needy!! And back to God for tithes and offerings!! Be your own boss!

Morning Must Reads: February 27

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Special Report: Go Inside ISIS

The militant group is more than a network of terrorist cells: it’s almost a nation. It collects taxes and delivers government services while slaughtering prisoners and demanding ransoms. Here are 12 dispatches from around the world on the rising global threat

What the Most Powerful Man in Cereal Eats for Breakfast

The cereal industry isn’t doing too well, but at least one person still enjoys their morning (and evening) cereal: Kellogg’s CEO John Bryant

Here’s Why You See That Dress as White and Gold

The Internet officially broke on Thursday night, thanks to a dress that defies the classification of color. Is it white and gold or is it black and blue? Well, that depends on the light and the physiology of the individual eye, according to experts.

U.S. Has Longest Period Without Combat Death Since 9/11

The U.S. military is currently enjoying its longest…

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